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Feeling Fruity?

Here is the second item of vintage clothing to feature on my blog.  I got it as cheap as chips in a local charity shop. In fact, it was just £2.00 from a local animal shelter shop.

Feeling fruity?

It is by C&A and, from the style and labelling, I would say it was from the seventies.  It is black with the funkiest apple design all over it and hippy style ties to the neckline.  This is the second ‘apple’ piece to appear on my blog this week!  I have also become a bit obsessed with cherries at the moment.  I got a super cute cherry print cardigan off ebay last week for £3.00.  There certainly seems to be a fruit theme going on at the moment!

Anyway, the above C&A apple top has the most amazing double-batwing flared sleeves, which hang beautifully.  Look at the v-shaped hemline too.  Such lovely retro detailing.  The top looks great with jeans for day or night out.  I was delighted to have found it amongst a depressing rail of dreary old tops.  To get the good stuff, you’ve gotta root!

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  1. Hello from Liverpool! How nice to see something from C&A. Used to get lots of cheap and cheerful stuff for my 2 girls there back in the 80s. Hmm, they would have been about 7-10 back then, eek, where did the time go? One of their favourites were black Ra Ra skirts with pink net petticoats built in! Enjoying your blog, loving your cookware! 🙂 And now wondering if it would work on induction hob! Will Follow by Email so I don’t miss any of your finds. I love Vintage too, though my idea of vintage is prob older than yours as I’m over 60 (though feel more like over 80 most of the time). Should really be ebaying a lot of my vintage clothes as don’t fit any more, but I still like to fondle them from time to time even if can’t wear them. 😉

    • Maggie, hello from Manchester! Thank you for your encourgaing feedback – nice to hear that you have been enjoying my first attempts at blogging. I too used to LOVE C&A when I was a young teenager as you could always get trendy clothes at bargain prices. My mum used to take me shopping there & I used to feel so grown up with my new fashionable purchases. I was very sad when it shut but I believe it is still going in other parts of Europe (Belgium?), although I could be wrong. You should start blogging about your vintage stuff x

      • Maybe I should start blogging some of my vintage stuff… I have a particular love for silk underwear – mostly bought in jumble sales back in the 70s! Have some lovely embroidered and lacy french knickers that I wear as a short petticoat/underskirt as are a bit too floppy to wear with the thick tights I wear for warmth in the winter. Look pretty and help stop pencil skirts riding up over the wooly tights. Fiddly buttons at waist though is the downside. 😉

        I miss C&A too. Always used to hit them in the Jan and summer sales for my daughters, and they loved it when I came home with loads of new stuff for them. We were always skint, so it was a treat to be able to get some nice stuff cheap. Local Oxfam shop good too, though more for me than them – mostly didn’t do stuff for children due to it being a very small shop. Ages since we’ve been there, but have a book delivery for them, so might visit next week and have a bit of a root around! 😉

  2. Patricia Niland

    A girl after my own heart.Some great items here.

  3. You should definitely have a good root round, Maggie. The deeper you delve the better!


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