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Born with a silver spoon…

Here is another of my favourite vintage homeware purchases that I got for next to nothing from a local hospice charity shop.  It is a set of six, shell shaped, silver plated fruit / dessert spoons.   They cost a mere 10p each!  This particular shop always has a tray of cutlery & everything is 10p each whether it is plastic or real silver.  I always have a good rummage & have picked up some treasures in there from time to time.  My last bargain was a set of six vintage, silver plated, cake forks.

60p the lot!

These are good quality when it comes to the world of spoons.  They are hallmarked ‘EPNS Sheffield England’ on the back.  We all know Sheffield was the king of cutlery making in years gone by.  A quick Google search taught me that EPNS stands for ‘Electro Plated Nickel Silver’ so I learned something new as well.  The spoons were a bit lacklustre when I bought them but, after a few minutes dipped in my trusty jar of ‘Silver Dip’, they came out gleaming.

My mum had a set of these when I was little & I remember eating tinned Fruit Cocktail with them!  You only used to get one or two cherries in a full tin – the rest was cubed peaches and pears with the odd flabby grape thrown in.  Nothing has changed…my 5 year old daughter has taken over my Fruit Cocktail eating and I can confirm that there were only two HALF cherries in a whole tin the last time she indulged.  What a swizz!  

On another occasion, and in another shop, I managed to find the ‘mother’ to these little spoons. Yes, I got my hands on a large silver serving spoon in the same shape!  It is not from the same set as it is ever so slightly different but I felt very lucky to find it, nonetheless.  Bring on the next tin of Fruit Cocktail!  But spare the Carnation Milk….that is one throwback to the seventies that I can do without.  Hey, anyone remember Dream Topping?!


Lipstick cherry all over my bag…

This is the first of my wonderful vintage handbags that I am showcasing.  This little beauty is a lipstick cherry red coloured clutch bag originally from the 1980s. It is such high quality & in fantastic condition – looks hardly used.  I got it for a pound in a charity shop in Marsden, West Yorkshire when I visited my friend.

Lipstick cherry clutch bag

The bag is made out of butter soft leather & was made in Italy – the original maker’s label is still inside.  It has a lucite retro snap clasp that makes a reassuring ‘clunk’ noise when it shuts.  I absolutely adore it!

I am a huge fan of red accessories as they brighten up any outfit and add a bit of vintage glam at the same time.  I last used this bag when I went out for a Chinese meal for my friend’s birthday in November.  I had a black dress on with orange & red love hearts all over it (from Oasis) so it matched beautifully.  My friend, who is a bit older than me, exclaimed that she had the same bag as mine in the eighties only hers was electric blue!  If only she still had it…….