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Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble…

I thought I would share with you  one of my favourite charity shop finds of last year.  It is a ‘Swan Brand’ vintage enamel stock pot / pan with the most amazing retro blue pattern.  It cost a measly £4.00 from the Salvation Army charity shop near where I live. Can you imagine what an enamelware pot of this size would cost new?

Not only is it wonderful to look at, it cooks up the most delicious home made soups & stews.  In fact, I have made more soups than ever since buying this amazing piece.  It is really quite big so you can cook up enough for four people.  It looks great on top of my cooker & is perfectly functional too – a perfect combination.  I have some other enamel pans in white & orange which I will post at some stage.  Again, these get used on a weekly basis.  My kitchen is full of stuff like this and I use it all.  Visitors are always asking where I bought things & they are always amazed when I tell them a) where I find them & b) how much they cost. 

The joys of second hand eh?  Do you have any vintage cookware / kitchenware that you simply love to death?

My beautiful stock pot


What a pattern!